Tried & Tested: CBD for Self-care

CBD has been everywhere for a while now – I remember when it first popped up, it was really only being consumed in the form of an oil. But now, you can drink a CBD seltzer, slather some CBD serum on your skin, and eat a CBD gummy – whatever your heart desires. You probably already know this, but CBD comes from cannabis, and is a compound that does not produce a high, but instead is touted as having a plethora of other health benefits. 

I do find that, with my limited experience with CBD, that it does seem to produce a relaxing and calming effect. In actuality, we don’t know very much about CBD. I won’t get too much into the science, but basically, it seems that most of the research comes from animal testing. You don’t actually see many CBD + human studies, so most recommendations we hear about the compound are anecdotal. Most of these studies talk about the anti-inflammatory properties, but it’s unclear, right now, on whether the effects are very meaningful. 

I have been curious about CBD skincare products, and have had some good experiences with consumption for stress-relief or sleep. The fact is, CBD is booming, and I think there’s good reason for it – so many people are ready to testify as to the benefits. There’s an interesting article from Mic about why CBD is so hot right now, and they say it’s “something to do with our culture’s unrelenting obsession with self-care”. I take that as a reference to the fact that we are all extremely stressed. According to other research I’ve read, you just need to be discerning with what you buy – some products are definitely better than others.

For myself, I find CBD most effective for calming down and going to sleep. Here’s a couple of my favorite products, below. 

Recess makes one of my favorite CBD-seltzers. These ones are actually intended to relax and focus you. 

The Good Patch makes these CBD-patches that are also infused with other compounds, like green tea, vitamins, and menthol. There’s even one for period pain. 

This is a pretty bomb CBD bath bomb. Definitely an upgrade, from Life Flower.

I will basically buy anything that Herbivore tells me to.

I don’t think CBD is a cure-all, but it can definitely be beneficial. Stress and anxiety, plus inflammation, are big issues for anyone living in a modern society. I’ll take any help I can get.

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