5 Ways to Reduce Blue Light in Your Life

Blue light. Screen Time. Radiation. These are all terms we hear as new findings emerge on the harmful effects of constantly being glued to our phones. They say it disrupts our sleep, damages brain health, and is even bad for our skin! Barbara Sturm (renowned dermatologists) often touts her pricey Anti-Pollution Drops as being a necessity for protecting our faces from the seemingly constant interactions with technology. 

So how can we be mindful about limiting time with our phones, when every application is designed to keep us coming back for more? Here’s a few helpful tips to help you get that better skin, better sleep, and better health.

1. Blue Light Filters

My job involves being on my phone and computer almost constantly (professional Instagram stalker), so significantly reducing my time with screens isn’t really an option for me. I do experience eye strain at times, so just reducing the amount of blue light from screens could be very helpful. Iphones and Ipads actually have the option to reduce blue light under settings, and there are many apps for your desktop that have this same functionality. There are also blue light filtering glasses, but I don’t see myself going this route.

iPhone Blue Light Settings

2. Set an Alarm

Set an alarm maybe an hour to 30 minutes before bedtime if you can, to put away your phone and wind down for your nightly snooze. This should help you in both falling asleep faster and also getting more restful sleep in.

3. Create a Bedtime Routine

This goes along with #2, but create a calming routine for yourself pre-bedtime! I’ve heard that Mariah Carey will only use candlelight before she sleeps, but I’m not Mariah. Doing some self-care, lighting a candle, and reading for a little bit might do the trick, though.

Protect your skin

4. Protect Your Skin

I was so upset when I heard that blue light is damaging for your skin. Studies show that long-term blue light exposure can cause wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, damage skin elasticity, and more(!!). I will probably be taking this step soon, which is, investing in products that will protect my pores from screen use. In addition to Dr. Sturm’s serum, tons of other brands are starting to launch products targeting blue light damage, including this one from Supergoop.

5. Combat Blue Light

Apparently, you can combat blue light by incorporating other alternative lights in your life. An article on blue light from Harvard Medical offers the following advice: use dim red lights in your room at night and expose yourself to more sunlight during the day, which will help you sleep better at night. Just remember to wear your sunscreen.

Have any other tips for getting away from blue light? Email us here.

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