CEO Letter: What sparked this journey

We’re thrilled to announce today that Core secured $4 million in funding, so I wanted to share my personal story of frustration, anxiety, and doubt that led to the beginning of Core.

Sports have always been a part of my life and identity. When I was on the basketball team at NYU, we were constantly working with our coaches and athletic trainers to be at our best physically. To be in top form at the end of a grueling season was often all about preventing, managing, or recovering from injuries, big and small. Ice, stretch, strengthen, repeat. It’s part of the game.

Fast forward several years to working adult life, and I learned what it feels like to be sidelined by a different type of injury. I had made some decisions that were changing almost everything in my life at once, and suddenly uncertainty and doubt hit me like a punch to the gut. For several months, I was paralyzed by anxiety. I remember sprinting from my office at Microsoft to my car and speeding home in the middle of a workday, consumed by a sense of panic that I could not rationalize.

What am I doing??

I did not have the tools to figure this out on my own, and I was intensely frustrated at this new version of myself. I didn’t get any clinical diagnosis, but I was not okay, and certainly was not at the top of my game.

I realized then that my mental fitness was not unlike my physical fitness. It’s not static. It ebbs and flows and requires my intentional effort to develop, improve, recover, and strengthen. Athletes are extremely in tune to their physical bodies and know what to do when something feels off. I needed that awareness for my mind.

Realizing this is a universal challenge, and one that I’d seen affect people I care deeply about, put me on a path to understand how to develop these mental tools within ourselves and our communities.

At Core, we don’t see mental wellness as black and white, healthy versus ill, but instead as a muscle. One that will change over time, one that we can train, care for, and flex when we need to take weight off for ourselves or someone else.

Core exists to serve aspiring meditators with core fitness of all kinds, who want to train their inner strength so that they can fearlessly pursue their goals and be ready for whatever life throws at them. Whether you’re a professional athlete gunning for a championship or one of us trying to get out of bed in the morning, Core is here to support your goals and help you be the person you are on your best days.

With the close of our recent funding round, we get to keep building towards this vision with teammates, customers, supporters, and partners who are driven by a similar purpose. If you’re as passionate about mental well-being as we are, drop us a note, check out our open roles, or read more in posts from our investors Shripriya Mahesh of Spero Ventures and Kate McAndrew from Bolt. Thank you!

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